Welcome to the Pahlisch Homes Custom Home Division.  It is a place where your dreams and the quality and expertise of Pahlisch Homes meet and become reality.  A planned process that has been crafted for over 30 years to give you an experience unlike any custom home builder.

The biggest decision in the custom home process is selecting the right builder.  Pahlisch Homes has created the Northwest Perfect Builder™ selection program that is designed to make sure that builder and buyer are a perfect fit.  The outcome of the program is either a solid foundation for Pahlisch Homes and the customer to build a lasting relationship through a custom build or to give Pahlisch Homes an opportunity to recommend another builder that would be a better fit.  It is our responsibility as a lifestyle builder to make sure that the custom home built is the exact home to match the customers lifestyle.  



One of the most important questions to consider is whether building a custom home is better for you than looking at a nicely built production home with the features and benefits that will fit your needs.

The answer is that both are excellent options but carry with them some simple differences that may help you in the decision process.

One of the biggest positives to building a custom home is exactly that, it’s custom. A custom home can truly be exclusively your home design from the foundation through the finishing touches. There is nothing out there that is like it and you are able to design rooms and features for the home that can’t be done on a production designed home. The flip-side to this is that this process takes more time and adds to the cost of the home.

One of the biggest positives to building a production designed home is that the builder is an expert in building the home since they have built it several times before. This speeds up the process and reduces the cost. If you select the right production builder, you may still have the option to work with a design team to personalize the interior and exterior of the home in order to give it the look and feel that represents you.

For more information on the differences between custom and production building, click here.



The Pahlisch Homes custom process is centered around you, our future homeowner. From the moment you meet with our custom home team to the moment you move into your new home, we are partnered with you to make sure that each step of the process is well explained and that your concerns are being addressed.

The process begins with an initial consultation meeting with the Custom Home Team. Each person present in the meeting is an expert in those areas needed to answer your questions when they are asked. That is the dream stage of the process where you are able to communicate exactly what you have always envisioned in your future home.

After that initial consultation, the planning and implementation stages begin. Those stages take us through budgeting, land selection (if you don’t have land), design, financing, scheduling, and then building. 

The final stages after the home is built are actually ongoing. Ongoing in the sense that once you move in, the Pahlisch Homes Homeowner Care Team takes over in orienting you with your new home and training you on how to give your home the care it needs to help your investment retain its value. They are also there to take care of any needs that may arise as your new home settles in. It is a long term relationship that we look forward to being a part of with you.

For a detailed look at the different stages of the custom home process, click here


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