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Most people would say that custom home building and production home building is like comparing apples and oranges.  While both of them have their similarities, there are some great differences that can be found in a pure production build versus a pure custom builder.  At Pahlisch Homes we believe that our years of award winning production building can be blended with the custom home process to have the best of both worlds.  That belief has been proven time and time again on each custom home project we commit to.

To better help you understand how we are able to do blend both worlds, we are going to talk about the 4 most important elements in the building process no matter if it is a custom home or a production home.  Those areas are quality, value, scheduling, and homeowner care.


Production builders, not unlike custom builders, are focused on quality.  The biggest difference is that a production builder has exponentially more opportunities to master quality than a custom builder that may take on anywhere from one to five homes per year.  The idea of quality goes way deeper than just the aesthetics of a new home.  It starts at the foundation and runs all the way through the finishing touches.  Through years of production building, Pahlisch Homes has been able to perfect designing processes to make for more space efficiency and create better lifestyle flow in every home.  We are able to look at building products and systems that have not only been talked about, but have been tested and validated time and time again.  Every component in a home needs to work together and have a level of synergy in order for that home to have a lasting quality.  This is something that is tough for a pure custom home builder to achieve.


It is safe to say that any custom home would be more expensive than a production built home of the same square footage.  There are a lot of variables that go into that statement but one that can be lessened is the material and labor costs that would be similar in any production built home.  Due to the fact that Pahlisch Homes has spent years developing strategic relationships with suppliers and trade parters, we are able to leverage the number of builds that come from our production builds to afford us better pricing in the custom home projects.  That pricing is reflected in the building materials that would be used no matter if it was a custom home or production home.  Value tends to stop when the materials become more and more unique but for the most part, the cost associated with the general structure of a new home can be more cost effective when the buying power is stronger.  


There is an old saying in home building, "You can have it fast, cheap, or good.  Pick two."  The idea is that someone who asks a builder to build it fast and good, will probably be charged a hefty premium. At Pahlisch Homes we have never been a company that wants to be held to any old saying and so we are able to use our production systems in the custom home process to get awfully close to saying, "pick all three".

The build schedule is important for every builder, but it is the lifeblood for a production builder.  Production builders have to create systems that make sure that each and every home is set-up to be started and finished in a certain timeframe.  When those timeframes are not met, it can cost a great deal of money which in turn can effect the price of the home.  When you are able to take a custom home process and align it with a production scheduling process, you are able to run a more efficient custom home project that doesn't sacrifice quality and improves efficiencies.  This results in not only cost savings but in giving a home buyers better peace of mind that the schedule is a fairly good indicator of build time.


When all is said and done, any builder can go out and mimic another builder.  They can walk a floor plan and have it designed.  They can see who an award winning builder uses for trade partners and try to persuade them to do their work.  They can copy a home to the point that when it is finished it could have a resemblance of the award winning home they were trying to copy.  The one thing that can't be copied is the level of proven homeowner care that Pahlisch Homes brings to each and every homeowner.  Form the new home orientation session to the level of care that is provided after move-in, Pahlisch Homes treats every homeowner with a sense of urgency and diligence that we would put up against any builder in the industry.  This could in fact be the most important factor anyone should use when deciding on a new home builder.  

Aside from the above production benefits that Pahlisch Homes brings into every custom homes project, there are many other factors that do in fact separate a custom home from a production home.  Factors such as: 

  • The intricacy of the custom design in order to capture certain views or features of the land.
  • The personalization of the interior features to fit certain tastes and desires.

Both of these features represent the true cost difference that a custom home has over a production home.  Even within the unique system that Palisch Homes presents, these areas of custom home building will yield similar cost comparison no matter if it is done by us or a pure custom home builder.  At the end of the day, it is still a custom home and though we can lessen the cost and increase the quality, there are still areas of a custom home that are more expensive than if you were looking at a true production built home.

For more information we encourage you to contact our Custom Home Team.