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Balanced Living begins with the Land. Land is one of our most precious resources, and we are committed to treating it with the respect and value it deserves. Before any use planning on a Pahlisch Homes exclusive community begins, we become intimately familiar with it’s character: the topography and rock outcroppings; vegetation and established trees. Our team then begins to incorporate these features into the neighborhood design, meandering streets and orienting open spaces to reduce the impact of the infrastructure and create a beautiful community our homeowners are proud to come home to.

Balanced Living continues with forethought and sustainable planning by considering solar orientations and landscape plans, incorporating native plants, trees and grasses which require significantly less water.

Balanced Living influences design, construction practices and product selection. The building team at Pahlisch Homes painstakingly selects products that are both sustainable and aesthetically beautiful. Product longevity not only brings a benefit to the homeowner but to the environment as well. A long list of construction practices and products add to our homes energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality and long term livability.

Balanced Living is meant to promote an healthy lifestyle. Whether a Pahlisch Homes exclusive community or a community that includes Pahlisch Homes built homes, the goal is to create an environment that encourages our homeowners to be active. Whether it is swimming pools, community centers, or walking trails, each element is meant to promote a good social and physical life.

Balanced Living is built to last. You can see why we believe in it and practice it. It affects what we are most passionate about: our Homeowners, our Friends, Families and Future Generations, our Community, our Land.

At Pahlisch Homes, we are not simply building a house. It is your home, your community, your land.

Live Balanced | Live Abundantly