Our top priority is to ensure that every customer who is interested in a Pahlisch home receives professional care. To guarantee this, we partner with the strongest real estate associates in every region in which we build. Each agent responsible for representing us as a builder is educated on our building practice and our standard for customer service. Providing knowledgeable and informed agents to each and every homeowner is only one step in our commitment to making this process exciting and pain free.

Pahlisch Homes representatives include only agencies and agents with a quality reputation in the community. We ensure they are equipped to be a valuable resource for future homeowners-not only with ample knowledge about our homes, but also of the community and outlying areas. The relationship does not stop after the home is purchased; it is important to us that agents keep in contact with the homeowners, serving their needs long after they move in.

Staying in tune with homeowners and satisfying their unique needs in a home is a top priority for Pahlisch Homes. Which is why, although we build in multiple locations, we remain committed to providing the quality and care we are known for in every area we build. This is why we have set up each region to be represented by a valued member of the ownership team. They live in those areas in order to provide our current and future homeowners with a direct connection to Pahlisch Homes no matter what region they are building in. It is our way of making sure we never lose one of our strongest attributes: being a part of our homeowner's life beyond just the building of their home.